Current Beta Version

• Beta 1.01: Simplified Ribbon Display: Allows users to choose between simplified and classic ribbon display.

• Beta 1.01: Hours Bank Concurrent Years Limit: Includes new option to limit the number of concurrent years that hours bank withdrawals may be made.

• Beta 1.01: Internet Portal Benefit Effective Date: Updates Internet Controller so that it will update the current benefit effective date (if there is no benefit history) or matching benefit history effective date if a payment start date is changed on the portal.

• Beta 1.01: GETBENLATEST Function: Adds new optional parameter to ignore annuity payments when searching for latest benefit.

• Beta 1.01: Export Bookmarks - Service Definitions: Corrects problem where service total would include service breaks when displaying a totals row.

• Beta 1.01: PenChecks Benefit Distributions: Includes new ability to add a benefit distribution for a Person to an set of existing payments.

• Beta 1.01: Employee Identifier Reported Amount: Adds new type of Reported Amount, Employee Identifier, that when used for any sponsor can then be referenced on the Call Center screen to find a participant.

Version 2022.22.1.11 - Released 1/11/2022

• System Change Log: Now records all system changes in a new database log.

• Formula Autocomplete: Improves display, and shows string matches, even if they do not start with what is typed.

• Worktrack Request Status Filter: Includes new option to filter Worktrack Tasks based upon participant status.

• Worktrack User Choose: When specifying individual users that can complete tasks or should receive email notification, can now specify based upon group name.

• 415(b) Limit Compensation Periods: Allows for the specification of periods that are a function of termination date rather than fixed anniversary periods.

• ANNFACTORINTERPCOMM Formula Function: Includes new function to be used for determining annuity factors that use interpolation of the commutation functions Nx and Dx for determining factors at non-integer ages (rare).

• Account Transaction Allocation: Includes new options to allocate transactions based upon weeks.

• 2D Mortality Projection and Rate Blending: Adds choice of methods when projection mortality using 2D tables and gender rate blending.

• Portal Calculation Filter: Users can now indicate that an Export Definition Filter Formula should be used to determine whether to hide/show an export on the portal.

• Portal Calculation Salary Increases: Users can now indicate that employee contributions should be projected at the same rate as pay increases.

• Participant Benefit History: Uses benefit history to determine latest benefit payment level and estimated prior year benefit payments (prior version extracted the latest of all benefit payments).

• Supplemental Benefit: Users can now indicate that a benefit payment is supplemental which does not get reflected in status determination but displays as a second benefit in the valuation extract.

• Manage Portal Security: Now only checks and unchecks selected items (previously, this button applied to all list items).

• Worktrack Report: Includes option to display step completion dates, even when running this report for all sponsors.

• Interface Theme: Moves interface theme selection to Options screen and changes options available.

• SSA-2021 Mortality Projections: Adds support for this 2D mortality projection table.

• Batch Email Processing: Corrects rare instances where no emails would be processed/sent when running multiple Internet Controllers.

• Person Worksheet Person Deletions: Now properly logs person deletions when made through a Person Worksheet in the Person transaction log.

• Notes Report: When creating a Notes Report for a Person that is in multiple sponsors, now only shows notes for the opened sponsor.

• Formula Autocomplete: Now displays autocomplete prior to a carriage return.

• Excel Button: Fixes display issues when exporting to DBP on-screen lists to Excel when a list item included a carriage return.

• Storing Benefit from Calculation Results Screen: Corrects issue where a benefit payment could be incorrectly set as a joint-and-last survivor rather than joint-and-survivor form of payment when joint-and-survivor is chosen.

• Service Definition Export Bookmark: When selecting the option to hide rows with zero values, no longer displays break-in-service rows.