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With our complete out-of-the box software solution.

Automated benefit processing

Effortlessly calculate and track all pension benefits.

Pre-built pension portal

Provide plan participants and HR staff with online pension access using our pre-built portal.

Robust relational database

Store all pension data and paperwork and reconcile data for actuarial valuation.

We'll have you up and running in weeks
  • Screens are clean, simple, and intuitive.
  • Most plans are fully automated in less than 30 hours.
  • Setup is completed using wizards and buttons.
  • Online portal access enabled by checking a box.
  • Nervous about set up? We'll do it for you.
Easy to use, yet incredibly powerful
  • Flexible enough to handle every pension design from traditional DB to cash balance.
  • No plan has ever been too complicated to load.
  • Over 900 defined benefit plans automated and growing.
  • Robust database easily feeds third-party actuarial valuation software.
Our software improves productivity and profitability
  • Push-button benefit calculations will save you time and money.
  • Participant benefit statements are run and stored in seconds.
  • Worktrack system provides tracking of all payment processing tasks.
  • Go paperless and digitally store all pension documentation.
Provide real-time online benefit access to plan participants
  • Give participants 24/7/365 access to their pension information and calculations.
  • Pre-built online pension portal requires no additional hardware or software.
  • Customize portal features for each pension plan without writing any code.
  • Most administrators fully recoup system costs with 2-3 pension portal sales.
  • We manage all portal enhancements and security at no additional cost.
Become even more efficient with our Excel Add-in
  • Our DBPXL Actuarial Add-in lets you calculate annuity factors, actuarial conversion factors, early/late retirement factors, and more.
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office including, Office 365, 2019, and 64-bit.
  • 2D Mortality Tables such as MP-2019 are fully supported.
  • Formula Writer and AutoComplete simplify writing formulas.
  • Installation is completed in minutes.
  • All product help and support is included at no additional charge.
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Over 900 plans now use our software and growing. Customers include actuaries, pension and multiemployer administrators, as well as pension plan sponsors.


Complete benefit calculations, election forms, and benefit statements in seconds, reconcile valuation data, and offer your customers online benefit access.

Pension and
Multiemployer Administrators

Benefits administration is effortless with push-button benefit calculations, electronic document management, and workflow tracking tools.

Plan Sponsors and

Save time and money by administering your own plan. Producing benefit calculations and sending data to your actuary is completed in minutes.

Why choose PensionSoft?
  • Automating pension administration since 2002 with a proven track record of stability and functionality.
  • Pension administration software is our only business.
  • Software is kept up-to-date with regular updates and enhancements.
  • Product development is customer focused and many product features originated from user suggestion.
  • Unlimited product support is provided at no additional charge.
No plan has ever been too complicated for our software to handle
  • Formal conversion processes reduce implementation times and guarantee accuracy.
  • Union, government, and corporate plans are all fully supported.
  • Multi-employer plan administration and data storage are handled with ease.
  • Although most plans are set up by our customers, if you need our help, we are always available and can convert most plans within 8 weeks.
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Effortlessly produce customizable benefit calculations, statements, and pension payment election forms.
Fully automate pension benefit calculations
  • Benefit calculations are completed with a few short entries.
  • System output can be stored as pdf format in the database for electronic archive.
  • All calculations types are automated from early/late retirement to service breaks and QDROs.
  • Regulatory rules such as 415(b) and 401(a)(17) are all built in.
Creating pension forms is quick and simple
  • Plan level exports are used to produce statements or plan freeze/termination documents.
  • Results export to Microsoft Word for easy customization and editing.
  • Use existing plan payment elections forms or choose from our pre-built templates.
  • Eliminate mailing costs by publishing participant documents to the portal where they are then retrieved online.
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Store anything you will ever need for pension administration and actuarial valuation using DB Precision's included robust relational database.
Manage unlimited amounts of pension data
  • All data is maintained in one data source ensuring consistency across processes.
  • Amounts such as hours and salary can be stored at any frequency from weekly to bi-annual.
  • Uses SQL Server, allowing millions of records to be stored without any performance decrease.
  • All data changes are recorded providing full audit trail.
  • Data import layouts created in minutes.
  • Built-in data validations help ensure data accuracy.
Built-in electonic archive can store any document
  • Store any document type from pdf files to Word documents and Excel workbooks.
  • Retrieve previously archived documents in seconds.
  • Permanently maintain records of benefit election forms, QDROs, and any other paperwork.
  • Check a box and the archive is securely accessible by participants online.
  • Electronically create and store batches of benefit statements or estimates for groups of participants.
Press a button and data is extracted for actuarial valuation
  • Complete the data work for almost any plan in hours rather than days.
  • Run a snapshot on the valuation date and a standardized data file is created for valuation.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular valuation products including ProVal and DBVAL.
  • Run built-in reports such as the lifecount reconciliation to get a detailed view of changes since the last valuation.
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With the check of a box, plan participants can access our secure pension portal enabling them to complete their own real-time benefit calculations.
Offer participants secure online access to pension information
  • Participants complete and submit their own real-time benefit calculations and payment forms online.
  • There is no additional hardware or software for you to purchase or maintain.
  • No data permanently resides on our servers. All participant data is deleted on logout.
  • Online users can view paperwork and securely upload documents through the portal to your network.
  • Participants can be configured to view and even edit pension information online.
  • Calculations can include projection assumptions and DC plan information for financial planning.
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