Planned DB Precision Enhancements

• Unusual Portal Activity Detection: enable algorithm to detect unusual portal user activity (to protect against a user with stolen login credentials).

• QDRO Indicator and Amounts: create a way to store QDRO information that does not rely on reported amounts.

• Export Results Storage: add the ability to store results for plan level exports and also compare the results from two exports.

• Restricted Lump Sums under PPA: automate 60%/80% funding percentages impact on benefits and lump sums.

Possible DB Precision Issues

• None outstanding

Web Portal Enhancements

• Internal Help System: add detailed help popup window that varies content based upon web portal settings that vary by plan sponsor. Also allow for users guides that can then be linked for sponsors.

• Compensation and Benefit limits: add an option that makes this increase assumption a function of the salary increase rate provided by the user on the web.

• Worktrack and Benefit Elections: allow for the display of benefit options and allow users to indicate which benefit option is to be paid within a task.

• Worktrack and Benefit Calculations: allow users to populate Worktrack benefit options by running benefits on the web.

Web Portal Fixes

• None outstanding